Welcome to UserFriendlyPolitics.com

The Theme

This site will be geared toward the political novice as well as the wonky sophisticate, and the lines of “politics” may be blurred at times to include for example critical social events of the day.

Whether I was working with a partner to create a website for a company or predicting political turmoil in Saudi Arabia in an international affairs article, I always prided myself in trying to reach a wide audience by making difficult topics or trends more approachable.

This doesn’t mean “dumbing down” the topic or patronizing the reader with simple sugary substitutes. Instead it means clearly describing compelling issues, and if I do my job, this process should be dynamic and fun, and not a boring confrontational food fight.

In these polarized times, it can be difficult to remain civil as passions run high. However with some tolerance and humor, you can deflate any potential contentious  debates without watering down one’s ideas.

For example, my brother Alex loved religion, politics, and the current events of the day. Yet he managed to discuss or debate these issues with a certain amount of love and respect that was disarming. As in life, I will try to measure up to his standard in this blog.

My goal will be to publish a relevant topic weekly

The Blogger:

I studied political science and language at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, and received a diplome in Basic Russian Studies at the Eastern European Institute of Fribourg University in Switzerland. I continued my classes in International Affairs with a focus on Russia and the Middle East at the School of International Service at American University. I left there and ultimately began work in New York in International business and sales. I believe I learned more about International politics there in my travels than in all my time in the academic world.

I have been passionate about politics since high school. Please come join us.